Would you like to get full control over the planning, management and reporting of your marketing activities? To collect data in the field? To manage customer relationships straightforwardly?

Are you looking for ways to bring more visitors to your website? Does it need better structure or content?

Do you need to install, operate and manage servers, networks and systems, with technical support available 24 hours a day?

That's why we are here.

Marketing systems

  • Straightforward planning and team management
  • Mobile data collection with geolocation
  • Configurable reporting and notifications
  • Stock management and logistics for POS and POP

Effectively plan and manage the work of your teams of merchandisers, promoters and sales executives on per-project basis and audit their work in the field with our systems for mobile field marketing.

Collect data directly from your field personnel by means of SMS or MMS messages or web interface for mobile phones and tablets, with automatic geolocation.

Create detailed reports, graphs and photo galleries from collected data with ease. Data can be used as a source for billing and orders as well. Reports can be exported to XLS or PDF formats and sent by email periodically.

Our systems support management of warehousing and logistics of POS and POP materials and their life cycle all the way from their manufacture and placement in store to its removal and disposal.

CRM intranet and extranet applications

  • Customers and contracts record keeping
  • Record keeping of devices and appliances
  • Scheduling
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Service and warranty claims

Our intranet and extranet CRM applications allow you to keep track of your customers and their branches, keep records on contracts and schedule periodic activities.

Keep records on appliances, consumables, as well as their placement on customer's premises. Schedule maintenance and other service activities. Keep track of warranty claims and their resolution. Manage your stock of devices and consumables.

Interfacing your CRM system with your website will provide your customers with the ability to manage and track their orders and scheduled maintenance on-line.

Web design and development

  • Web design
  • SEO and content creation
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Content management systems

An attractive, fast and well designed website will allow you to easily easily publish information and multimedia.

Search engine optimization of your website will bring you new customers from web search engines and allow you to cut expense on paid advertisement.

Website designed with accessibility and usability in mind will allow visitors to easily and quickly find the information that you wish to communicate and will improve their overall user experience and increase your conversion rate.

Technology management and support

  • Hosting and domain registration
  • Servers and networks administration
  • Technical support
  • Technological and security consulting

We offer a wide range of hosting services for your websites and systems from storage space and databases, to virtual and physical servers. We provide complete data backup solutions, fast internet connectivity as well as domain registration and management services.

Our skilled administrators will make sure that your servers and systems are professionally managed. Through zero-downtime upgrades, fast crash recovery and security incidents resolution including replacement hardware in case of physical failure.

To ensure the smooth operation of all your servers, networks and systems, we offer non-stop technical phone support and an on-line help-desk system.

About us

In business since 2000, we provide our products and services to hundreds of satisfied customers. We know their individual needs and requests and can always adapt our services to suit them.

Our products and services are built upon the knowledge and experience of our team of analysts, developers and administrators.

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